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Ronald J. Helow

Mr. Helow is a partner of NxtStar Ventures, LLC. His primary focus is on the use of newer technologies to solve business problems for the financial services sector. He views technology as a means to build a business, not as an end in itself.

Mr. Helow founded Registry Systems Corporation, which had offices in San Rafael, California, New York City and Chicago. Registry helped insurance companies design and implement mission critical projects using advanced computer technologies. Services included general business consulting, evaluating existing technology capabilities, creating technology plans, and developing custom software from prototyping through production implementation.

Registry had particular expertise in designing and implementing technology solutions that link companies, their distribution systems, and consumers. The company also had extensive experience in helping companies develop architectures and implementations linking legacy applications with Internet technologies. Registry worked closely with internal Information Technology organizations in these development activities and also provided mentoring in Internet technologies.

Prior to founding Registry Systems, Mr. Helow co-founded Scorex, an international company that builds computer statistical models and application software for evaluating consumer credit and other risk categories for large financial and retail companies worldwide. Scorex has become one of the most successful companies in its field, with client companies including seven of the top ten banks in the U.K., as well as American Express, Avco Financial, and many other international firms.

In 1979, Mr. Helow co-founded First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company, the second company to market a Universal Life policy, which was sold to Lincoln National Corporation.

Mr. Helow graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in electrical engineering. He also has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a law degree from the University of Florida.