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Gabriel L. Shaheen

Mr. Shaheen is a Partner of NxtStar Ventures, LLC. His focus is on both general and financial management of the insurance industry, with a particular specialty in reinsurance. He has an extensive network of both domestic and international insurance companies.

Immediately prior to joining NxtStar, Mr. Shaheen was President and CEO of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. In this capacity, he directed all of Lincoln’s insurance manufacturing and distribution activities in the U.S., as well as overseeing the integration of CIGNA and Aetna’s individual life operations into Lincoln’s, following the purchase of those operations. Segments included one of the largest annuity companies in the industry selling through career agents, independent distributors and stock brokers; a premier estate-planning life insurance organization selling through career agents and brokerage outlets; a specialty products and markets division selling through insurance brokers, stock brokers and banks; and the first insurance internet manufacturing and sales organization in the U.S.

During his 22 years at Lincoln, Mr. Shaheen also held the positions of Managing Director of Lincoln UK, which manufactured and sold life insurance, pensions and unit trusts throughout the UK, and President and CEO of Lincoln Re. Many of his years at Lincoln were spent in the Reinsurance organization.

With a proven track record as a business leader in insurance and reinsurance, Mr. Shaheen has achievements in strategic planning, financial management, sales development and training innovations within the insurance industry. Mr. Shaheen is a hands-on, decisive leader who is creative and analytical, with proven skills in achieving turnarounds and growth in both profits and sales. Mr. Shaheen maintained a high degree of trust and visibility with both home office and field personnel. Successes include re-engineering, leading change, and staff development.

Mr. Shaheen received a BA in Mathematics from the University of Michigan and attended Michigan’s Graduate School of Business Administration where he received his Master’s in Actuarial Science. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He has been a board member of the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and a member of Lt. Governor Joe Kernan’s Indiana Insurance Industry Working Group. He is also a board member of a number of non-profit organizations.